What paces are the runners?
6 pace groups:
(Sub 8:00), (8:00 – 9:00), (9:00 – 10:00), (10:00 – 11:00), (11:00 – 12:00), (12:00 and greater)

Do all the runners run long distances?
NO. All the courses are out and back so the runner can choose their own distances. The coaches at Ra2 will “match” runners with “liked-paced” and “liked-distances” runners at the start of each run.

Are all the runners training for half or full marathons?
NO. Not all members are training for a particular event. There are a lot of members who join for the camaraderie and motivation.

Can I be a “drop – in” runner?
YES. We offer a “drop-in” rate of $5. (First time is FREE), (High School and Police are FREE for any run)

How do I register if I am a “drop – in runner”?
Just show up at the Ann Arbor Running Company, 209 N. Ashley, in downtown Ann Arbor. See Coach Gina and let her know you are a “drop – in”.

Where do I park in downtown Ann Arbor/Kerrytown and is there a parking fee?
There are two city lots, one at 4th and Anne, and one at 4th and Catherine. The lot at 4th and Anne is the “courthouse” lot and it has parking available above and below ground. Both of these lots are approximately 0.2 miles from the Ann Arbor Running Company store. Ann Arbor DOES charge for parking at the meters on the streets after 8am. (So if you are running a short distance, you may elect to park at a meter and be done with your run by the time the city starts running the meters.) There is also an app for the meters. It is called “epark”. Download the app and you can use it after 8am.

Can I leave my “stuff” in the store while I am running?
Yes you can. NOTE: The store will be locked at 7:05am when Coach Gina goes out with the group to “sag” the course and help at the water stations. We recommend that you leave your “stuff” in your car, but you can leave your “stuff” in the store and it will be securely locked till 9:00am when the staff arrives to open the store.

Are there any refreshments after the run?
There are plenty of coffee and tea shops near the store that are open at 7am. Many runners meet after the run at Sweetwaters next to the store. The “Farmer’s Market” is also open most of the year except for the cold dark winter months of Jan and Feb.

I am new to running and I am looking for more runners to run with, would this be a good fit for me?
ABSOLUTELY. Our group runs have new runners join all the time. If you are a beginner and want help with a running schedule Coach Gina can help you. First of all…the only way to start running is to start running and the easiest way to do that is to join a group.

Can I get training for a marathon or half marathon?
YES. Coach Gina can help you with a training schedule. There is a fee for extra training.

Why Should I support Run Ann Arbor?
When you support Run Ann Arbor, you are supporting your community. Your support helps to provide quality group workouts and group running to Ann Arbor and it’s surrounding communities.

Are there any other benefits included in a yearly membership?

  • Simply by joining a team of runners, you will improve your performance and motivation.
  • Discounted private coaching from Coach Gina.
  • VIP parking at the CRIM festival of races each August.
    Semi-annual “Storewide 20% OFF Discount Night” at the AARC.
  • Camaraderie, Motivation, and a whole lot of F U N !

Is my membership pro-rated?
Membership are yearly and begin on the day you pay your membership fee and end the following year.

My questions are not answered here. Who do I contact for further information?
Coach Gina: runannarbor2@gmail.com.