Run Ann Arbor Membership

Run Ann Arbor (Ra2) is an Ann Arbor based group of runners who enjoy running. Ra2 welcomes all runners of all ages and abilities. There is a group run each Saturday morning from the Ann Arbor Running Company Store and Ra2 works with Parker Performance to provide a Tuesday night workout. Runners are provided a training schedule upon request, and coaching support.

To provide a safe and welcoming environment for running, meeting other runners, motivating runners, and helping runners meet their individualized goals with guidance from experienced coaches.

Memberships Perks:
-$10 monthly discount to Parker Performance training.
-Discounted private coaching from Nick Stanko.
-10% discount at the Ann Arbor Running Company stores.
-Discount Codes to specific Epic races, the CRIM, DXAA races, and Rock CF Half.
Private Access:
-The “secret” Run Ann Arbor FaceBook Group where runners post ideas, questions, and information.
Team Calendar where you can view Run Ann Arbor Runner’s Birthdays, races, events, and advance viewing of the Tuesday night workouts and Saturday group runs.
-Private sign up’ document for Saturday so you can view all your team-mates mileage plans and paces for the Saturday group run.
-Advance viewing of Saturday’s course and water stations.
-Advance viewing of Tuesday night workouts.
Priority Status:
-Priority seating on the Run Ann Arbor CRIM bus from Ann Arbor to Flint each August.
-Priority reservations to the VIP room for the Detroit Marathon.
-JUNE “Fling Party”. (Outdoor picnic to celebrate the warm weather ahead)
-NOVEMBER “Bling Party”. (Pot Luck gathering and some runners bring their “bling” they have collected from the year)
Semi-annual “Storewide 20% OFF Discount Night” at the AARC.

A Ra2 Membership is affordable at $120/year (that less than $2.50/week!) with great benefits and also helps to support the cost and labor that is required to offer the great quality of group runs.

SIGN UP TODAY (CLICK HERE) for $120/YEAR (less than 2.50/week)