What is Run Ann Arbor?
Run Ann Arbor is a running group in Ann Arbor made up:

  • Beginner Runners
  • Experienced Runners
  • Fast and Not-So-Fast Runners
  • Fit and Not-So-Fit Runners
  • Serious and Not-So-Serious Runners

Where to the runners meet for their runs?

  • Tuesday Nights @ Ann Arbor Running Company – Kerrytown. (200 N Fourth) @ 5:45PM and workout begins at 6:10PM. (There is a $5 drop in fee for this workout for non-members)
  • 7:00 AM Saturday Mornings @ Ann Arbor Running Company – Oak Valley. (2755 Oak Valley Dr). (There is a $3 drop in fee for non-members)

How far do the runners run on Tuesday Nights an Saturday Mornings?

  • Tuesday night the runners are given an hour workout by an adult running coach. They run hills, speed, or tempo runs under the direction of the coach.
  • Saturday mornings runners run distances of their choosings. Some runners run 4 to 6 miles and some runners run 6 to 20 miles. All courses are out and back, so the runner can choose how far he/she wants to run. All courses have printed directions with the miles indicated, water stations, and critical directional signs at difficult crossings.