Run Ann Arbor offers a discount on the $5 Saturday Group Run fee with a Run Ann Arbor membership.

BENEFITs of being a member:
1. Enjoy Saturday group runs at a discounted fee.
2. Learn with weekly eLessons from Coach Gina.
3. Train with the experts and get a training schedule to keep you motivated.
4. Enjoy early access to the Saturday courses.
5. Enjoy running updates, running news, and weekend reports.
6. Be a part of the Ra2 private “team page”.
7. Enjoy the camaraderie of being a part of a great team.
8. Group support has proven to improve one’s running abilities.
9. Group Running improves fitness and increases motivation.
10. Being part of a team helps keep you motivated

Apply for RUN ANN ARBOR membership today!
Fill out MEMBER APPLICATION FORM HERE to register. PAYMENT links are on the bottom of registration form.

2023 Memberships:
$3.50 x 52 weeks = $182 for the first year ($189 for CC payments),
After your first year $156 ($162 for CC payments) (again lowering the fee for group runs to $3)

2023 Monthly Memberships:
There is an option to pay monthly with a PayPal subscription and using a credit card of choice)

Avoid the processing fees by paying with Venmo (runa2).
You can also pay by cash, or check made out to “Run Ann Arbor”.


You can join us anytime for a $5 drop in fee.

THANK YOU for your Support!

Email Coach Gina with any questions at