Ra2 Individual or Group

Whether you like to run solo or you are looking for running partners, RUN ANN ARBOR group running will support you. Here you will find an environment of like minded runners to engage in a safe and healthy activity, while presenting opportunities to all runners whether you are looking to meet new runners or looking for a fun way to RUN ANN ARBOR

You like to run solo?
Some of RUN ANN ARBOR runners are solo runners, but they enjoy the “atmosphere” of the group. The sense that they are not alone running the streets of Ann Arbor can be a comfort in these difficult times. Maintaining social distance and enjoying a silent run is possible with RUN ANN ARBOR, however, you have the benefit of having “coach support” and hydration-stationed-set-ups on the courses while you are enjoying the freedom of your run.

Looking to meet new runners? 
RUN ANN ARBOR takes precedence in finding you other runners who are “liked-pace” so that you have the chance to find a new friend and new running partner that may last you for life.

Making friends and finding partners.
RUN ANN ARBOR has brought runners together for over 18 years. Some of those runners are still running together even though they have “branched” off from RUN ANN ARBOR, their roots began with this group. RUN ANN ARBOR allowed these runners to meet and find common ground to develop friendships that are lasting and memorable.

Please join RUN ANN ARBOR and enjoy the benefits that we offer for group running whether you want to run solo or hope to find a running partner for the day or for life. This is the place to make that happen, and provide you with the environment for a delightful run.

CONTACT Coach Gina for more information at runannarbor2@gmail.com

Happy Running!
The Running Wizard,
Coach G