Welcome to Run Ann Arbor

August 2 – August 8, 2020
Looking forward to an exciting week of running!
August 2nd: “National Sister Day”
August 4th: “Single Working Women’s Day
August 5th: “National Underwear Day
August 7th: “International Beer Day
August 8th: “National Happiness Day

Tuesday night are no longer available from the Ann Arbor Running Company Store, but some runners do meet at the court house parking lot that is on the corner of Ann and 4th Ave. This workout is FREE.

They meet at 6pm and go for a track or hill workout. You are welcome to join them as long as you wear a face mask to meet (masks are not required during the workout), and practice social distancing while working out. (a supply of face masks are available if you forget to bring yours).

Please do not join if you are not feeling well or have been sick, or have been exposed to COVID in the past two weeks. Thanks.

Saturday morning we will meet at 6:50AM for a group run that starts at 7:00AM SHARP. Meet at the court house parking lot that is on the corner of Ann and 4th Ave. This group run is $5.

The course will be set up for a 10 mile loop. If you wish to run further there are options available to accommodate you.

Water stations every two miles that are sanitized and set up to protect each runner from contamination. Hand sanitizer at each station and you are asked to use the sanitizer before touching available items in the station.

Although Coach G is out on the course in her van and is available most times at each water station, the course is still open to other pedestrians, cyclist, and vehicular traffic at crossing streets. PLEASE use caution on the course and for your safety please keep in mind that CARS DO NOT SEE YOU!

A2 Running Wizard,
Coach G