The Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Gina, I have been running for over 40 years and have been providing group runs for the Ann Arbor community since 1998. I know what is important for a long run to be successful and I wanted to provide the same for other runners – water stations, a variety of marked courses, a group of runners who can run with other “like paced” runners, camaraderie, and best of all – a whole lot of fun. My mission is to provide group runs that are safe and fun.


I am a retired registered nurse, but my “passion” is running. I have run 10 marathons, over 100 half marathons, and I had an addiction for 5Ks. I had some pretty good personal bests back in 90s: 5K 19:59, 10K 42:14, 10 mile 69:34, half marathon 1:38:22, and marathon 3:43:49.

As the years progressed and my focus turned to “coaching”, my fast paces slowed. Today I no longer run marathons and have a PR for my half of 2:30. You will find me at the back of the pack, but I am lucky to have experienced the fast and the not-fast paces of running.

IMG_0534I qualified for Boston at three marathons and ran Boston in 1998. I trained with the Motor City Women’s racing team in the 90s and helped the team obtain the Gold Medal for the 10K at the World Championships in Toronto in 1994. I got certified as an Adult Running Coach by the RRCA and in 2008 I became certified as an WellCoach by the American College of Sports Medicine Wellcoaches program.


IMG_0535I have many years of experience with the average runner, the beginner runner, and the runner who is looking to improve his/her running paces. Although I never sent anyone to the Olympics, I have sent runners to Boston.

My coaching expertise comes from the 20 years of coaching the average runner, my running background, and my years of participating in competitive races. I pull from my own experience of winning races and coming in last. I can recognize and relate to the goals and motivations of the fast and the not-so-fast runner.


A bit of background: I started a running group in 1998 called “Two Dogs Running“ with a bunch of Ann Arbor running friends. Soon after that I created a 18 week “Half and Full marathon” training program that I conducted twice a year. The half and full training program was called “501”. Many of the runners from the training programs continued to run with my group: “Two Dogs Running” each Saturday and Sunday and my group grew to well over 200 runners.

In May of 2015 I met with two of my long time aquaintences, Nick Stanko and Ian Forsyth at their new store, the Ann Arbor Running Company, and agreed to have my running group run from the Ann Arbor Running stores.

So “Two Dogs Running” was converted to “Run Ann Arbor” for a better fit with Nick and Ian’s new store.