Running School FAQs

Is there an age limit to join the school?
No age limit, runners range from 18 years old to 75 years old

Do I have to have a goal race in order to join the school?
No you do not need a goal, you can train with the school for the information and training partners. You do not have to decide before you join on any goal, although you will get many ideas of different goal races available to you.

Can I join if I don’t want to run a half or full marathon? 
Absolutely. Many runners train with the Run Ann Arbor Running School to help improve their running or just to meet new runners.

Does the school have any classes?
All the Running School classes are done online except for the orientation class that occurs after the first day of running. Classes (eLessons) are sent weekly via email.

What days will I run with the Running school?
You will run every Saturday morning along with the Run Ann Arbor Group at 7am. You will also be invited to join the Parker Performance Group on Tuesday evenings at 6pm for an hour running workout.

Are their pacing groups on Saturdays?
There are pacing groups on Saturdays. Each runners joins the color group that best matches their training pace. There are 6 colors groups. YELLOW: Faster than 8:00 pace, RED: 8:00 – 9:00 pace, GREEN: 9:00 – 10:00 pace, BLUE 10:00 – 11:00 pace, PURPLE: 11:00 – 12:00 pace, ORANGE: 12:00 pace and greater

I don’t know what pace I should run, will someone be there to guide me?
Of course. The Run Ann Arbor Group has many runners in all the pace groups and are very helpful and welcoming to new runners. Also, you do not need to run with the same pace group each week, you can pick and choose depending on how you are feeling each time.

How will I know how many miles I should run?
Coach Gina is always available to help you with questions and guide you along while you are a student of the Running School. As a student you will also have the option to request a training schedule which will provide you with suggested mileage from January to June.

How will I know if the Parker Performance Training workouts are right for me?
Parker Performance Training workouts are coached by Michael Parker who welcomes the beginner and experience runners. Michael modifies each workout for each runner. Coach Gina highly recommends each runner to participate in the Tuesday night workouts if possible.

Does the school meet in a classroom?
The Running School is located inside the Ann Arbor Running Company store. There is plenty of parking out front of the store and easy access to your car and the store because the shopping center is closed when we meet at 7am. There will be someone to greet you at the door when you arrive. There is a back room where the orientation will take place. There is storage for your “stuff”, bathroom, and dressing rooms if you need to change your clothes. There will be refreshments for all the runners after the run.

I am an experienced runner and have run a half marathon and marathon in the past, how will this school help me?
Some experienced runners are just looking for a different way to train to meet their goals. Some runners have been training with Run Ann Arbor and like the “structure“. Experienced runners always find new and exciting new stuff about running and training. In addition you will have the opportunity to meet new runners and learn from their experiences as well as you will teach other runners all about your experiences.