ABOUT Run A2 Group

Ann Arbor runners support the Run Ann Arbor Group with a yearly membership of $120. The membership fee helps defer the costs of the group runs, work-outs, and expenses. This helps keep the Run Ann Arbor group viable.

Runners who “subscribe to Run Ann Arbor receive the following “perks”:

  • FREE Saturday morning group runs year round
  • Group Pacing at each Saturday group run: RED 8:00 to 9:00 pace, GREEN 9:00 to 10:00 pace, BLUE 10:00 to 11:00 pace, PURPLE 11:00 to 12:00 pace, ORANGE 12:00 and greater.
  • Parker Performance Tuesday night workout“. (there is a $5 “drop in” fee for non-members, Run Ann Arbor members can enjoy the benefits of Michael Parker’s group workout with no additional charge).
  • Advance email with Tuesday night details.
  • Invite to “private” “secret” FaceBook Group where runners post ideas, questions, and information to other Run Ann Arbor Runners.
  • Invite to the “private” Run Ann Arbor Calendar where you can view Run Ann Arbor Runner’s Birthdays, races, events, and advance viewing of the Tuesday night workouts and Saturday group runs.
  • Advance viewing of the Saturday Group Run course and placement of water stations with links to the course map for you to download on your phone.
  • An advance ‘sign up’ document for Saturday so you can view all your team-mates mileage plans and paces for the Saturday group run.
  • $10 monthly discount to Parker Performance training.
  • Invitation to the JUNE “Fling Party“. (Outdoor picnic to celebrate the warm weather ahead)
  • Invitation to the NOVEMBER “Bling Party”. (Pot Luck gathering and some runners bring their “bling” they have collected from the year)
  • Invite to the semiannual “Discount Night” at the AARC with 20% OFF storewide.
  • Discounted private coaching from Nick Stanko.
  • Coaching support from the AARC professional staff, Run Ann Arbor “seasoned runners, and Coach Gina
  • Kudos for supporting the Ann Arbor Running COMMUNITY!

($120 – with a $5 processing fee = $125) SUBSCRIBE
(when you get to the linked page scroll down the page to pay by debit or credit card)
There are NO REFUNDS

Subscribe to a monthly subscription to Run Ann Arbor TODAY!
($12/month fee – you must have a PayPal account to set up a monthly subscription and you will be charged each month for 12 months) SUBSCRIBE
There are NO REFUNDS

Email Coach Gina with any questions at runannarbor2@gmail.com.