DXAA Mini Clinics

Train to DXAA Mini Clinics included in Registration Fee.

All clinics are presented at the Residence Inn Marriott in downtown A2 on the corner of Ashley and Huron St. They begin at 5:30PM and end at 6:00PM.

March 14
How to Use Your Training Schedules.
What level of training schedule is right for me?
What if I miss a day on my schedule?
Can I change the days I run on my schedule?
Learn how important it is to keep track of the miles you run.

March 21
How to Determine Your Weekly Mileage.
Learn to “start” where you are.
Find out how many miles a week you need to run to train for a half marathon.
Can I substitute weekly mileage for cross training?

March 28
Pacing Strategies
How fast should I run my training runs?
Learn when to introduce faster paces in your training.
Find out how important it is to run faster.
Learn how to determine what a realistic goal pace means.

April 4
Drinking and Eating for Runners
How much should I drink before, during, and after my run?
Do I need to eat during my run?
What should I eat before and after my run?
What do I eat the night before my race?

April 11
Cross Training for Runners.
What is Cross Training for Runners?
How often should I cross train?
Can I substitute my run for a cross training day?

April 18
Clothing and Shoes for Runners.
What should I wear?
Do shoes really matter?
When do I need a new pair of shoes?

April 25
Long Runs and Food on the Run.
The old and new schools of thought about the long run.
How far do I need to run before my event?
How many times should I run a really long distance?
Do I need to eat on my long run?
What do I eat and drink for my long run?

May 2
Race Ready Peaking and Tapering.
All about DXAA Half marathon.
How much do I run after I “peak”?
How should I taper?