Ra2 COVID-19 Runner Advice

Sanitation Procedures
Frequently disinfecting equipment and high touch surfaces will be a significant component of Ra2 risk exposure mitigation strategies. Ra2 will utilize the hospital grade, EPA approved disinfect cleaner quaternary ammonium chloride (commercially known has Virex). This disinfectant has been approved by the CDC to kill COVID-19 and a number of other infectious diseases. Disinfectant will be available at each water station and at check-ins on Saturdays to disinfect high touch surfaces and to ensure that runners are not contaminating supplies at each water station and at check-in.
Air Quality
According to the CDC and the WHO the most critical and effective COVID-19 mitigation strategies that can be employed involve addressing air quality and ventilation. For runners this means that running outdoors in fresh clean air is a positive activity that has no detrimental affects to runners and individuals who exercise outdoors. Here at Ra2, we have moved our meeting place to outdoors so that we are not in "closed quarters" for check-ins. We remain 6 feet apart at check-in and ask that each runners wear a mask during the process.
Water Stations
Each runner is supplied with fresh clean towelettes and personal hand sanitizers are available at each water station. Runners are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer at each water station, and reminded not to touch their face before using a fresh towel and sanitizer while running or at a water station.
Health Checks
All runners are required to perform a self health check prior to joining a group run or group work-out. This health check should include taking temperature and asking the following questions:
- Have I been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
- Have I tested positive from a COVID-19 test?
- Am I experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
- Have I had a fever in the last 48 hours?
- Have I had new loss of taste or smell?
- Have I had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?
Answering yes to any of these questions or a temperature of > 100.4° F requires the runner to stay home.
Face Masks
Per CDC guidelines I will be wearing a mask during check-in. All runners are required to wear a mask during the check-in process. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask while running that is acceptable. Runners are asked to run while maintaining social distance (6 feet apart) with other runners and other pedestrians that may be passing near you.
Runner Code of Conduct
(all runners will be expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct)
- Runners are required to maintain social distancing of 6-9 feet at all times.
- Runners are required to wear masks when checking in.
- Runners are strongly encouraged to disinfect themselves before handling any supplies at the water stations.
- Runners are encouraged to sneeze/cough into their arm and away from other runners.
- Runners are encouraged to spit into a towel or kleenex and discard appropriately.
- Runners who have adapted the habit of spitting on the road, should be very careful that they are 6 to 9 feet away from other runners and that their excrement will not come in contact with anyone who may pass by.
- Runners will bring their own face mask.
- Runners are encouraged to use hand sanitizer at each station.
- Runners are encouraged to have washed their hands before coming to the group run.
- Runners are encouraged to arrive at the designated meet time and limit the amount of time spent at the check-in process.
- Runners are encouraged to have a great time and respect and support other runners in the Ra2 group.